About two-third of the population in Madagascar is living below the poverty line. Most families do not have enough to eat, let alone paying for their children’s education. As a result, thousands of children are out of school. Many organizations provide education to children and adults in hope of changing the situation. Starting from 1999, we opened part of the children’s home to provide education service to children outside of the children’s home. At the same time, we began to plan a school. In 2000, we provided free primary education to the local needy residents. Parents are only required to prepare stationery for their children. In addition, we provide free lunch for students. Each year, we receive over a hundred of application to our school. In each academic year, we teach 80 – 100 students in five grades. After students graduate, we assist them in going to high school. In 2010, we started a school in Antananarivo and admitted 70 students. In 2011, we moved to a new campus and expanded our services. Now we have a capacity of 140 students.