The children’s home has 22 youths (9 boys and 13 girls) who are between 10 and 19 years old. Many of them were only 5 or 6 years old when they were admitted. So, they have been with us for over 10 years. No fees are required to live in the children’s home. All necessary living expenses and school fees are taken care of. If the youths from the children’s home are still in school when they have turned 18, the children’s home will let them stay till they finish school and are able to earn a living. We also assist our youths in job search and adapting to the society. Children are admitted to the children’s home through the government or their relatives. We pay special attention to children’s personal hygiene. To younger children, we frequently inspect their hair for fleas. All children must take insecticide every three months. Moreover, to help children build up good habit in their personal hygiene, workers in children’s home assist in monitoring children doing their laundry, taking showers, brushing and grooming and tidying up their rooms. Having been supervised for a substantial period of time, most of the children are now able to take care of themselves. To improve children’s health, every year we adjust the menu to match their different needs for nutrition as they grow. We also try some new menus that are economical and in line with local people’s eating habit. We pay much attention on the children’s studies. Generally, they study in our affiliated school until they graduate from primary school. Then they will continue their studies in a private high school nearby. We have hired experienced tutors to help children to learn, supervise their studies and solve their problems in learning. In addition, we arrange various activities for children on every holiday.