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Women's Handicraft Class in Tamatave

Since Easter, we have held handicraft classes for the parents of the children at our day-care centre. The goal is to equip them with skills that can help them to earn a living. See how satisfied they are with their own masterpieces!



Women Knitting Class in Tamatave

We started a women knitting class. Not only can they learn a skill, but they also have an opportunity to meet new friends and study the Bible.


Christmas Celebration

In students' hearts, cake is a special food that they don't get to taste often. When they had it in their hands, some took big bites out of it, and some enjoyed it slowly, treasuring this sweet treat.


Children Day Care Center to the Monkey Park

It was a rare occasion that the children could travel as far as 5km to the monkey park. To many, even those who were already 13 years old, this was their first time. No beautiful clothes but a lovely face showing contentment.


Volunteer Team in Madagascar


The LLH team visited the families of the day-care centre children. The team witnessed the great needs of their families and assured the importance and benefits of the day-care service.

The team had a great time with the local kids, singing, dancing and playing together. That is the goal of LLH service! We are not just aiding those in need with materials, but bringing them to enjoy the love and care from God. /p>

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